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Protect Yourself When Shopping Online

2 Oct

Shopping online can be easy and convenient, but if you’ve done any amount of online ecommerce shopping you may have run into problems with your purchases. Perhaps the ordered item isn’t what you were expecting, or the charges on your credit card are incorrect or the item never arrived at all.

AdWords Most Expensive Niches

2 Oct

Did you know that Google made‭ ‬32.3‭ ‬billions from advertising in the past twelve months.‭ ‬Re-read that sentence,‭ ‬yes‭ ‬32‭ ‬billions dollars,‭ ‬that’s a staggering figure to get your head around‭! AdWords,‭ ‬Google’s advertising platform,‭ ‬has become a beast and generates most of Google’s revenue.‭ ‬Company uses it to get their hands on new clients.

Great Q&A Session with Matt Cutts at SMX Advanced 2011

2 Oct

Great Q&A Session with Matt Cutts at SMX Advanced 2011 Matt Cutts works for the Search Quality group in Google, specializing in search engine optimization issues.He is well known in the SEO community for enforcing the Google Webmaster Guidelines and cracking down on link spam.

Kick-Ass Analytic Tools

2 Oct

Google Analytics Price: Free The most popular analytic package comes from the search giant Google.  It’s free and provides you with lots of ways to visualize and segment your data.  It supports 17 languages and you can rely on the online support to get help on all your queries.

create TRUST

2 Oct

One of the most important factors to consider for your ecommerce website is making your customers feel safe when they are shopping. In other word, create TRUST.

Winning Multinational eCommerce SEO Strategies

2 Oct

Awesome post on how to localized eCommerce website for multiple countries and languages from Search Engine Watch: Winning Multinational eCommerce SEO Strategies.

How to choose a shopping cart

2 Oct

One of the most important steps when starting your online business is to select the best possible online cart for your needs.  You need to look into your current needs as well as look into how your shopping cart will allow your business to grow over time.

Find the best shopping cart

1 Oct

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